I'm Sarah, a passionate storyteller inspired by everyday people. I've interviewed incarcerated fathers and drug-addicted mothers, boxing champions and murderers. My stories have taken me to mountain summits and jail cells, on hunting expeditions and into flood-wrecked homes.

My work has appeared in Outside Magazine, the Guardian, The Daily News, Cincinnati Magazine, Observer, Occupy.com, Modern Adventure and Fitt Portland. I've won three regional awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for my feature writing and breaking news reporting.

When I’m not writing, I’m backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest, solo road tripping across the country or empowering women to find their place outside.

I currently work as a freelance writer, contributing creative content to regional and national publications as well as businesses.

So where can you find me without a pen? A jiu jitsu gym, the backcountry or a rock wall. Just kidding—I always have a pen.