Seasonal Change

It’s funny how life seems to sync up with the seasons. Just last night, I fell asleep to the sound of rain. I’ve been throwing jackets over my dresses and admiring the heavy clouds that’ve newly draped themselves across distant hillsides. It was only last week that I was walking to and from the store in shorts and a midriff. Oh, how I took it for granted!

My personal life has gone through some changes, too. I recently ended a relationship I wouldn’t have imagined ending only two weeks ago. But life ebbs and flows, and I know this all too well.

Change has never been easy for me, though. I am someone who feels everything very intensely. I have a big personality and emotions that run the gamut. I’m not a small talker. I don’t play things safe. I never do anything halfway. I don’t even fall in love or in relationships easily. I’m either all in or all out. I sometimes wish I didn’t feel things so deeply, but I’ve never lived my life at just the surface, and I guess there are positives in that, too.

As I look toward the new season—one marked here in the northwest by gray rain clouds and perpetual rain showers—I’m hoping to adopt new energy and a new way of enjoying change, even when it’s unfavorable. Of course, the changes in my life were easier to accept this past spring, when the clouds gave way to sunshine and new love entered my life. But I’m working to create the same positive outlook even as that love leaves and fresh rain clouds replace blue skies.

As someone who feels everything so very deeply, it’s important to create this positive space and not just wait for it to reappear. Yes, I allow myself to be vulnerable and feel negative emotions as they come, but I also push myself to create better ones, surround myself with the right people and push forward.

So, with that, I welcome the new season and say goodbye to the last week of summer—and all that came with it.

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